10 Nursery Inspirations: Baby Name with Stripes!

Are you looking for some easy and fun nursery inspirations? There are sooo many cute ways to incorporate your child’s name or initials into their nursery.  And there are even more cute ways to add stripes with their name!  Stripes are a perfect way to add some creativity and fun into a space, in a very simple way.  I knew this was the project I wanted to add to Ellis’ nursery when I was pregnant. I did a lot more DIY projects for my first son Miles’ nursery, but time was of the essence this time around!  Stripes would make a bold statement, make his room look larger, and is a simple technique I could do during nap time.10 Nursery Inspirations Baby Names Wall Stripes Decor Design

The first thing I did was look for inspiration of course!  If I didn’t have a crazy toddler running around, I considered doing an entire wall of stripes as an accent wall.  But that wasn’t in the cards for me.  Stripes give the biggest statement when they are on a large surface like a wall, versus in the pattern of a pillow or crib sheets.  Horizontal stripes make a room look wider, which is what we wanted to accomplish in Ellis’ small basement level room.  Vertical stripes can make a room look taller.  In the end, I decided to do two stripes on the wall behind his crib, with his name in the middle.  How I did it is below!

10 Nursery Inspirations for Baby Names with Stripes!

Okay okay, 9 plus my own! You can find the details of each room by following the link below the photo.  

Calvin’s Nursery

So cool! The letters are made by yarn wrapped around nails on the wall. More detail on their site!


Lucas’ Nursery

The first room I saw that used smaller white stripes to anchor a larger color stripe in the middle.  Couldn’t find a link to the original source, but this was the first picture I saw that inspired my decision!

Andrew’s Nursery

I love the extra step of putting the letters over fabric covered canvases. Full tutorial on her blog post.


Elliot’s Nursery

Focal wall with striped design. Doing one wall is perfect to have one statement piece.


Hudson’s Nursery

I’ve always wanted to stripe an entire room! Maybe one day! Great element for this nautical nursery theme.


Olive’s Nursery

Another striped room!  This is an Anthropologie lover’s dream- vintage shabby chic. So perfect.  Maybe for my future daughter???


Wesley’s Nursery

Cute monogram design made into a wall decal.  The post has a link to the etsy shop where she got the design made.


Vivienne’s Nursery

Love that the stripes are carried through more than one wall to tie the room together.  


Jack’s Nursery

Love love love the use of different vintage letters! If you have the time, look out for letters while you are out shopping at different antique, vintage or thrift shops. 


Number 10 is my own baby Ellis!White Nursery Decor Blue and Teal Wall Stripes Baby Name on Wall

White Nursery Decor Blue and Teal Wall Stripes Baby Name on Wall

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The crib was from Miles’ nursery and the glider from his room was also incorporated.  The dresser did not fit, so even though I prefer a dresser over a changing table, this one worked out wonderfully.

I scoured the internet for the perfect letters first and I found what I liked on Amazon.  Because I thought online shopping was amazing before, but as a mom it’s even more essential. I used the size of the letters to decide how wide my stripes would be.  I want his name to be between both stripes, with plenty of extra space above and below.

How to Paint Wall Stripes

First, measure how wide you want the stripes to be. Use a lever to draw three lines across the wall in pencil.  After both stripes are drawn, put painter’s tape along the middle and bottom lines to paint the first stripe.  Do the lighter color first!  After it is almost dry, peel off the tape.  (Whenever you are using tape, don’t let it completely dry or the tape can get bound to the wall)

Wait until the paint is dry since you now have to put painter’s tape on the stripe you painted to do the other color.  Line up your tape on the top and the middle lines and paint your second stripe.

Measure out your letters.  Mine came with a paper version of each letter which was amazing! I used those to measure where they would hang on the wall and then replaced with the actual letter after I hung the hardware.

That’s it!  

This was a great project for a second baby. You know, this way they can’t look back and see all the perfect things you did for their older sibling and then nothing for them.  ;-)

Have fun designing!

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One thought on “10 Nursery Inspirations: Baby Name with Stripes!

  1. A good idea is striped wallpaper. For my studio we put it on the wall and it was self adhesives on the back or it adhered with water, I can’t remember. But it was so easy and the lines were perfect.

    And future baby? You guys are gonna have to move (ahem *cleara throat* Atlanta) to make room for her lol.

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