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Hi! My name is Shantall, full fledged boy mom and writer behind Urban Mom Tales. Things have changed and evolved a lot since I started this blog 5 years ago! I’ll share those life pivots in more detail, but  after more time has passed. One thing that will always be true is that I have 3 amazing, thoughtful, energetic and incredibly loving boys. They are my heart. I never saw myself as a boy mom before it became my reality- let alone 3 times over! Now I can’t imagine any other existence more fitting. 

I’ve worked in education and the nonprofit sector for about 15 years. My work in education started from a genuine passion for people and helping others. I love teaching, counseling and creating communities around shared interests. My other love is all things creative- including writing and random new craft projects. 

Becoming a mom gave me the opportunity to reignite my passion of writing through the creation of this blog. Creating a supportive community of women and mothers illuminates my soul and is one of the best parts of owning an online business!

As you may already be aware, being a mom is one of the most fulfilling, but stressful jobs ever. It can be isolating and scary with so much to learn and know about. This blog is my small touch to make it a little bit less stressful. 

About the Blog

What you will find here is tips and strategies based on my experience.  I am passionate about a lot of things, but most importantly I like to focus on the fun and creative aspects of the everyday as a mom.  Everything from the small and easy DIY projects to taking some time to sit and teach my boys through play.  

What you won’t find is me promoting a certain way of motherhood or supporting negative talk towards others. While I share my experience making baby food, it does not mean that I think every mom should make their own.  There are many things I’m not doing, because none of us can or should be doing it all. Obviously, those don’t get transformed into blog posts. Remember that with everything you see and read online! We are in an age of comparison and it can be unhealthy for your mindset.  I strongly believe supporting each other and trying to find the fun in the practical- and that is how I contribute to this space. While also acknowledging, that I can learn from all of you as well and I’ll never stop evolving. 

Where to Start?

There are a variety of topics on the blog. Being a mom is not one dimensional! Here are some popular posts that many readers have found helpful.

Series on creating schedules from newborns to two year olds. They all come with printable schedules that can be found in the resource library.  Many have found these to be helpful in planning their day and remembering the essentials.

Sample Baby & Toddler Schedules

If schedules aren’t your thing, don’t be scared. They are not rigid timelines but a general guide that you can adapt to what works best for you, your family, home and new precious baby. A related post that is one of my favorites, because it helped ME sleep better:

Newborn Sleep Training

Baby food meal plan to make a month’s worth of food in one afternoon. I wanted to make my own food, but could not make it part of my daily routine. This system was super helpful for me, and many others have incorporated into theirs as well! The comment section has lots of tips from other moms. 

Ideas for feeding one year olds and toddlers have also been very popular. I’m passionate about cooking and putting together varied food items that are healthy but also easy.


Thanks for checking in! I would love to hear from you- shantall@urbanmomtales.com

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I’m new here. I would to thank you for your weekly cleaning schedule.
    I hate housework so I think this schedule is very excellent idea.
    I’m Italian so I’m apologize for my little English.

  2. Melissa Sutton says:

    I’m new here but wanted to tell you what a beautiful family you have! I’m a mother of 10 precious babies but I absolutely love the ideas and things you share on here! For this stage in my life, it’s been so helpful to lean on young moms with fresh ideas ❤️ So thank you for sharing what you know!

    1. Shantall Bond says:

      Thank you so much for the nice thoughts!! And for reading the blog- I love that you are still researching and reading about parenting with a large family. That is exactly how I want to stay!

  3. Candice Cooper says:

    Robin from snap and YouTube brought me here!! I’m so excited to read about the sleep schedules etc

    1. Shantall Bond says:

      That’s awesome! Thank you so much for visiting!

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