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My name is Shantall, Chicago transplant for the past 10 years. This blog was inspired by a major change in my life. I’ve always wanted to start a blog and write what I was learning on this parenting journey. When we decided that I couldn’t afford to work anymore, (you can read the whole story here) it gave me the charge to get started! As I make this transition to a stay at home and hopefully a work at home mom,  I’ll share with you all my tales on this ride through my struggles and lessons learned.

What you will find here is tips and strategies based on my experience as a mom.  I am passionate about a lot of things, but most importantly I like to focus on the fun and creative aspects of the everyday as a mom.  Everything from the small and easy DIY projects to taking some time to sit and teach my boys through play.  Since I worked in education for 10 years, I think learning can be fun and love to discover new ways to infuse that in my boys.  A researcher at heart- I’ve read a lot about parenting such as sleep, potty training and toddler discipline.  I want to help you all by sharing my research and how it went when applied to real life!

What you won’t find is me promoting a certain way of motherhood or supporting negative talk towards others. While I share my experience making baby food, it does not mean that I think every mom should make their own.  It’s hard being a mom and I strongly believe supporting each other and trying to find the fun in the practical will help us all be happier!

Random Facts

I LOVE  my morning coffee- like really dark strong espresso. You can blame my parents for giving me cafe con leche when I was 6. 🙂 I love holiday traditions with mine and my husband’s family.  We look forward to them every year, especially that our boys see how different cultures celebrate. I am obsessed with traveling and planning trips, and as soon as we get used to living on one income– hope to plan more in the future.

I learned the love of reading from my mom and often talk to her and my sister Denisse about books we are reading or addictive tv shows.  Growing up I wanted to be a writer and submitted ghost stories to a newspaper.  Later I became fascinated with language and culture, which led me to teaching.  I love a good routine, but need the excitement of trying new things and taking risks.  Thank goodness for dancing because it gets me to work out.  Finally, I’m  figuring out how to be as crafty as my mom and getting her to teach me everything she knows.

My Co-Adventurer

My husband and I met at a club, I know I know- so romantic, but that’s our story!  There was a weekly dance party that his friends hosted and after seeing each other a few times, we started talking. He took me to my favorite restaurant on our first date. 4 and ½ years later we got married.  Neither of us were from Chicago. Since it was the place that brought us together, it seemed right that we get married in the city and have a true city experience- Garrett’s popcorn and all. We are still here, braving the crazy winters each year.  The babies have slowed down our traveling, but we’ve had some of our best moments trying out skiing together for the first time or getting haggled into buying 3 bottles of mamajuana on the beach in Dominican Republic.  

Our Babies

We have two adorable baby boys and a boston terrier. You can find us talking about them A LOT- we’ll show you lots of pictures, talk about their sleep routines and my husband even mentioned our baby’s poop consistency at a dinner the other night (True story).  So yes, we are a little obsessed and love them immensely. 

My mom hand knitted these sweaters for the boys!
This wagon was the only way Miles would participate in our photo session. Ellis is not so sure of his safety.

Miles is the sweet, loving toddler.  He is smart, adventurous, caring and an amazing big brother. Unless you meet him in the mornings, when he decides that he hates ALL of his favorite things and “no” is the only word in his vocabulary.

Tickling always works!


Ellis is the cuddly, always smiling baby boy.  He is 5 months old in the photo below, but is now 9 months old (March ’17).  He loves to make people laugh! So much more smily than his older brother was at this age.   He is obsessed with sweet potatoes, won’t eat anything green unless there is sweet potato or fruit mixed in and always stares at the crazy toddler running around.  Don’t let his love of sleep and food fool you, he is also pretty strong!

No coaching needed-
All Smiles here

Thanks for checking in! I would love to hear from you- shantall(at)urbanmomtales.com

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Melissa Sutton says:

    I’m new here but wanted to tell you what a beautiful family you have! I’m a mother of 10 precious babies but I absolutely love the ideas and things you share on here! For this stage in my life, it’s been so helpful to lean on young moms with fresh ideas ❤️ So thank you for sharing what you know!

    1. Shantall Bond says:

      Thank you so much for the nice thoughts!! And for reading the blog- I love that you are still researching and reading about parenting with a large family. That is exactly how I want to stay!

  2. Candice Cooper says:

    Robin from snap and YouTube brought me here!! I’m so excited to read about the sleep schedules etc

    1. Shantall Bond says:

      That’s awesome! Thank you so much for visiting!

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