Christmas Bucket List- Free Printables!

free christmas printables

I know Thanksgiving is this week. A lot of people don’t want to talk about Christmas until after. BUT… my family loves the holiday season- all the traditions, activities and magical outings full of lights. So it is never too early to print out the  Christmas bucket list. I’m always excited about going through it with my family throughout the… Read More

A One Year Old Meal Plan- Sample Toddler Menus

1 year old meal plan toddler menu

There is a reason meal plans and schedules are so popular, they are extremely helpful.  Creating a predictable schedule for your one to three year olds is not only essential for their sleep and play, but also for their eating habits.  We’ve talked about a lot of food ideas for one year olds and toddlers, but haven’t covered an actual… Read More

2020 Prime Day Deals for Parents!

Amazon Prime Day Deals for Parents

What is Amazon Prime Day? It is Amazon’s biggest and best sale of the year. Way bigger than their Black Friday deals, as it includes 100s of thousands of products at incredibly steep discounts. It is usually in July, but was moved back this year because of COVID.  This year it starts on Tuesday October 13th at (12amPST) 2am CENTRAL… Read More

Homeschool Room Ideas- Free Label Printables!

homeschool room organization

Virtual learning in the Spring was haphazardly thrown together. As I’m sure many of you can relate. Our organization consisted of a bench in our living room, and a couple of storage boxes. That small space was supposed to hold us over, but did not suffice as a longterm solution. Going into this school year, we are going in person… Read More

15 Simple Self Care Activities for Moms

self care

Self care. It’s something that gets thrown around a lot these days. Especially towards moms. Traditionally moms have been expected to prioritize everyone else first, while multitasking seamlessly everything that is on their plates.  We know that is not a sustainable or healthy way to live, but it’s hard sometimes to break that mold. And in these uncertain times, self… Read More

How to DIY a First Birthday Photoshoot

A first birthday photoshoot is not something I did with my first two sons. My first son got an intimate music themed party and all the attention being the only kid there. My second son got a full blown wild one birthday party that we all loved.  They both had a cake smash at their parties, but not great pictures… Read More

10 Preschool Learning Activities for Active Kids

After our first week of quarantine, I shared our homeschool schedule and everything we are doing to maintain some sanity throughout this weird phase of life.  There was some novelty that first week with my 3 year old and after that week I had to quickly think of some new ways to get him engaged. I don’t want to constantly… Read More

Shrimp Penne Pasta with a Creamy Tomato Herb Sauce

Seafood and shrimp are probably not the first things you think of when planning a meal that toddlers and kids will like. But pasta is. And this shrimp penne pasta recipe blends the two so perfectly that it is solely responsible for my kids’ love for shrimp.  Related Post: 20 Quick and Toddler Friendly Instant Pot Dinners When I make… Read More

Homeschool Schedule, Activity Ideas and Resources!

The world is just crazy right now. That is the only way I can really sum up everything going on.  Currently, I’m in the second week of having the two older boys home from school, practicing social distancing and trying to create some sense of normalcy around this obscure time.  I created a homeschool schedule from the start, because that… Read More

15 Essential Books on Kindness for Toddlers & Preschoolers

 One of my son’s best friends has leukemia.  She was recently diagnosed a few months ago. (Before I continue, her mom knows I’m writing about this. She gave me the idea of sharing one of their many pictures together.) Also, know she is going to be okay and is currently in a 2 and 1/2 year treatment plan.  She is… Read More