How to Get Where You Want to Be: Creating a Vision Plan

How do you get where you want to be?  I didn’t necessarily want to tell you my goals.  Don’t take it personal.  It’s not you, it’s me! 🙂 If I share, that means I have to answer to myself AND everyone else for areas where I fall short.  That’s part of the journey though. Trying new things and sharing when they go well and also not so well. I know that the New Year started a couple of weeks ago. Since I have a January birthday, I always reflect A LOT during this time.  And since I’m kind of at a crossroads, even more this year.  I sat down to organize all of the things I want to work on and created a vision board with actionable goals to make my vision plan!

In case you were wondering, I turned 34 yesterday!  It’s surreal to be in my 30s, but I feel okay with it. There are always things I want to improve, but I have come a long way since 24. I definitely rather be here than back there!

Changing Habits

As my husband and I spoke about our budget goals to live on one income, we realized that there were some ingrained habits and ways of life that needed to change.  I told myself that I wanted to start a path where I could change habits.  I don’t want to make a resolution or even goals for that matter, I want to make change and I want it to last. At the same time, I do not want to take on so much that it becomes overwhelming!

Vision Plan

You get where you want to be by being able to articulate exactly what you want and create a plan to get there.  I like visuals and things that are pretty…go figure. 🙂  To satisfy that part of myself,  I created a visual of where I want to be along with my goals. My vision board is part of my screensaver, serving as a daily reminder.  

PSA: I made my vision board on PicMonkey using their collage feature.  You could also make one on Canva, Adobe products or PowerPoint.

Defining My Goals- 3 Themes

When Jordan looked at my board he said, “Isn’t a vision board supposed to be goals? Why am I on there? You already have me.” I laughed, “So we’re done working on our relationship, I should take us off?”  Him, “Okay, okay. I guess not.” My family will always be part of my goals, even the ones that they are not allowed to do with me. Lol.  Taking care of me is taking care of them!


  • Organization– De-clutter and reorganize. We live in a condo and have to be creative at times with all this stuff! 
  • Daily Routines– Find a balance for kids, home, blog, exercise and meal planning.  All daily necessities! (I’m working on this and will share soon!)

Be Present

  • Technology Free Times– during meals and outings with kids (except for pictures of course!)
  • Experiences over Things– Regular outings to create valuable memories; with the family and also for just my husband and I.  

Self Care

  • Exercise Routine– Since I haven’t had a regular routine in a long while, start with 3 times a week and increase to 5 later. 
  • Meal Plan and Cook at Home– This has double rewards! It’s a big part of our new budget and will help cut calories.
  • Blog Regularly–  Create an editorial calendar. Be creative, connect with other moms and bloggers, and build a business.

Change is exciting, but it can also be scary!

I have so many things spinning around in my head every day that gave me the motivation to organize it all.  I want to create a daily routine that includes all the things mentioned above, and I need to save money, and I need to spend less and we have no more room for any toy or item in this condo, our plans of buying a house is pushed back another year, how do we make that work, where is Miles going to school, should it be close to here or where we want to end up, I haven’t lost all of the weight I gained in my second pregnancy, not only would I feel better but it would open up a lot more options in my closet.  Did you notice that was all one sentence?  That was the point!  That is how it spins around in my head.  One big long thought, all jumbled together!  

After I honed it down to my vision board and specific items to work on, it made things manageable and I feel so much better!  

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3 thoughts on “How to Get Where You Want to Be: Creating a Vision Plan

  1. Odile/Mom/Abuela says:

    I feel exhausted after reading this post. You have a great deal going on! Lol. I’ve never done a vision board, great idea!

  2. Magda Villasenor says:

    Sam and I do vision boards. I haven’t made one for this year. I think you just gave me an idea for a Friday date night. Lol. Thanks!

    1. Shantall Bond says:

      Yay! Let me know how it goes. 🙂

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