15 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make

A few years ago, I started the tradition of making homemade gifts with my boys.  Originally the idea was that it would be gifts from them to various family members.  I want them to think about giving as an integral part of the Christmas season- not just always talking about what they want from Santa.   They were 1 and 3 the first year we made gifts, so the original  post was born- Gifts Toddlers Can Make.  A lot of those ideas can easily be made by older kids- probably even better and more independently.  But I also found a few fresh ideas that had to be added to our vault of homemade gifts kids can make.

These gifts have been well loved! And we’ve started incorporating their teachers as additional recipients. The idea of creating something with a few craft supplies and lots of love and intention really embodies what gift giving is all about.  The first two years we made fridge magnets and thumbprint keychains that you can find in the first post.  This year we are taking on shower steamers that are listed below.  

There is something so special about homemade gifts! Get your toddlers involved in the season of giving with these20 gifts toddlers can make.There is something so special about homemade gifts! Get your toddlers involved in the season of giving with these 20 gifts toddlers can make.Other things we are trying to incorporate every holiday season is purging some of what we have- either donating or throwing away toys that aren’t used. Also, volunteering and giving back to the larger society as a whole.  Hopefully some of these values stay with them into adulthood. 

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Lavender Heart Shaped Bath Bombs Spa like gifts are actually really easy to make! And inexpensive.  When you think of teachers and grandparents- a little relaxing bath product is always a great idea. Most people love them but don’t always buy it for themselves.These heart shaped bath bombs are adorable with their lavender pieces and relaxing essential oil scent. 

Citrus Sugar Scrub– This has 3 ingredients! Your kids can help you mix them together. Find cute jars to store them in and decorate with a ribbon and label.  Most importantly, it will be well loved!

Tissue Paper Votive Candles– these are simple, inexpensive and have a really nice lasting effect!

Hand Shaped Ring Dish You’ll never regret making a mold of your little ones’ hands.  One day, it will be so shocking that they were ever that small. 

Gifts kids can make heart necklacesPaper Heart Necklaces– We get A LOT of art home from school these days.  It’s hard to keep it all, but something that is wearable or has a function is super fun and something to be cherished forever. 

Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets– Another idea for wearable art! This one is very child led, if you are looking for a truly independent gift activity for the kids. 

Shower Steamers– These are our gift for this year. I’m excited about them! Make sure you listen to the instructions about adding water slowly. We already ruined a couple of batches.  The boys thought it was hilarious though- because they look like volcanoes and keep growing over time.  So not a total waste. Lol

gifts preschoolers can makeJewelry or Trinket Dishes– There are two posts that describe how to make these trinket dishes. Jewelry with flower paper or trinket superhero paper.  It’s a great idea to customize for different family members or teachers- deciding on how to paint the trays and what paper pattern to add. 

Painted Flower Pots– I love gifting flowers and plants- especially to teachers.  It’s such a nice addition to any room in the house, outside or in a classroom.  Can never have too many! Kids can paint these pretty independently as well. 

Sea Glass SunCatchers– These are beautiful additions for a kitchen window or breakfast nook- when the it catches the sun- it’ll draw amazing light all over your room.  Sweet way for grandparents to always think of their grandkids when they see that everyday. 

bath salts gift kids can makeHomemade Bath Salts– Yes, I’m still in love with all these easy spa like gifts that I personally think we all need! 

homemade gifts by kidsGingerbread Jar Cakes perfect for your budding baker and easily gifted in the mason jar. Win win! This reminds me of my baby shower- my sister and friend gave everyone Strawberry Shortcakes in a mason jar as the parting gift.  Oh my! They were such a perfect gift at the end of a long day.  I wouldn’t be mad if I left every party with a mason jar dessert. 🙂 

Peppermint Bar Soap– 10 minutes for a perfect Christmasy scented soap.  Done! Easily customizable with colors and other scents if desired. 

Sharpie Art Tile Coasters– If you haven’t noticed already, I love art gifts that are easily used around the home.  Your kids can paint a picture for someone on any day, but making them into household items that can be used is extra special. 

DIY Canvas Print– With a printed picture and a little glue, your kids could make their own Canvas art piece.  I love how this looks- would be a great addition to most modern home decor. 

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