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Virtual learning in the Spring was haphazardly thrown together. As I’m sure many of you can relate. Our organization consisted of a bench in our living room, and a couple of storage boxes. That small space was supposed to hold us over, but did not suffice as a longterm solution. Going into this school year, we are going in person for half the day and virtual learning in the afternoon. But I am also prepared to be fully virtual at some point throughout the year. In preparation, we converted a play/craft room into a more learning friendly space.  This is our homeschool room tour, hope it gives you some homeschool room ideas to transform your space! homeschool room large view

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First off, this was a project done on a budget.  We did not want to buy brand new furniture or spend tons of money on anything.  Thankfully, we felt like we had a good base of furniture and items.  Ideally a couch and tv are not great for a learning environment, but the tv can be closed off with the closet doors and the couch was transformed into a cozy reading area.  Individual desks may also be a good investment. Decide what works best for your family and your space!

Before Pictures. EEK!

These pictures were taken after I already started transforming the space.  It’s not always this messy! But it gets close. 🙂 The couch was moved from the wall across the tv, to the back wall with the window.  The wall opposite the couch had the kids’ artwork hung along the entire wall.  It was fun for a while but it often got overwhelming and crowded.  

We also had other toys in here that got moved down to the basement playroom. Toys that were left I categorize as more educational play like LEGOS, Magnatiles, and K’nex building sticks.  Also calm activities that work best on a table like coloring books, sticker play, paper to draw and puzzles.  

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Reading Corner and Bookcase

homeschool room entrance view

The view as you walk into the room. First up is the reading corner and bookcase.

homeschool reading corner couch

Direct Item Links: (Couch was from Macy’s two years ago, no link but it’s a great color and fabric for a kids space!)

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My first find were these amazing vintage educational posters on Retro Planet.  They are also on Amazon, sold already with the hanging system.   

Lighting adds so many dimensions to a space, so some kind of lamp or accent lighting is always a nice touch to a homeschool room. We’ve done a small canopy reading corner in the boys’ room and we already had some string lights that made a perfect addition to the reading corner of this space.  If I were to buy lights, I’d get LED ones that conserve more energy. 

homeschool room bookcase

Bookcase has educational and current reference books. My two oldest boys are in a Montessori school, so I have a lot of Montessori elements. You can easily replace those with whatever materials you are using!

My youngest boy Rhys is 18 months old so everything low to the ground has to be for him. Rhys loves this Grimm’s rainbow and it’s a perfect spot on the bottom shelf. The abacus can be used by the older boys but Rhys can’t mess it up, lol, so it goes on the bottom also. 

The toolbox on the second shelf from the bottom was part of a woodworking kit (from Lakeshore Learning) that the boys worked on this summer. It holds random extra supplies. Next to it is a craft bead box that holds a Montessori movable alphabet.

Lastly there are the books and Montessori bead cases on the top shelf with a plant in a rope basket. 

Main Wall and Table

elearning center homeschool supplies

Final, final look. I took some pictures before it was totally completed because I got impatient with shipping times. 🙂 So you’ll notice some extra space in a few of the pics below.

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homeschool center view from couch

Underneath the pottery barn table and chairs are two bouncy ball chairs. If you have fidgety children at all, these are a great sitting alternative! 

homeschool room main wall

The main wall of the room has supplies, a calendar morning station and a few posters. The two posters on the side of this wall are also Retro Planet.  Here they are on Amazon also. In the middle we added a Smithsonian Dinosaur poster because my kids love all things dinosaur.  Perfect decor inspiration is any subject or topic that interests or inspires your children.

Calendar Morning Station

homeschool morning station

I’m obsessed with this weather perpetual calendar! It was a splurge, I’ll put that disclaimer in. But it’s been a fun and beautiful learning tool. To offset that, I got the calendar and weekly calendar dry erase board at Home Goods for cheap. (Linked to similar options). Etsy also has a wooden calendar that I thought was soo beautiful!

Supplies Corner

homeschool room supplies organized

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Homeschool room organization is essential. There are tons of supplies needed on a daily basis. Most supplies that my boys need live in this corner.  I gave each of my school aged sons their own drawers to put whatever they are currently working on. Each have a couple workbooks, and Miles’ drawer has his writing journal. 

The other drawers have blank paper (including watercolor paper), coloring books, sticker play and other supplies like tracing sheets and map work. The white hanging containers have markers, colored pencils, post-it notes, clothespins, scissors, pencil sharpeners and popsicle sticks (we use them a lot for math work).

homeschool supplies details

The two shelves above have regular paint, watercolor paint, pencils, paintbrushes and dot markers. The black basket on the floor to the right has work rugs (Montessori inspired) and large rolls of paper. We did tons of work on this paper last Spring and the boys love it. 

In the corner, there are two tubs- one with duplo legos and the other with wooden train tracks. The wire used to hang along this entire wall, but I shortened it to the corner so we can still display their work- just in a smaller space. 

Closet Storage

homeschool closet storage

The art above the closet was made from the canvas the boys and their friends made at Ellis 3rd birthday. I just cut out 3 pieces and used them as a frame mat for the photos.

In the closet is the tv and extra games, books and storage. The boxes on the very top shelf are labeled so we know exactly what’s in them, but they don’t crowd the lower shelves. I don’t want the boys to have access to too much stuff. With the shelves up high, we can rotate down different puzzles and games. 
storage containers labels

Closer look at shelves. Have the same labels as the drawers. A little hard to see in the photo because they are clear boxes and the labels are black. Definitely pop more on the drawers but I’m still loving them!

homeschool room large viewLet me know in the comments if you have questions on anything I didn’t mention in the homeschool room tour. Sending you lots of good thoughts for an amazing school year!

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