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It's Time to get rid of the overwhelm of keeping up a home with this pack of planning printables.

Taking little steps makes a huge difference. I became a stay at home mom after 10 years of working in education as a teacher and counselor.  I was excited about the opportunity to be home with my kids, but a lot of the time I felt pulled in multiple directions with no clear idea of what to do and when.  

I quickly realized a big difference.  At work, I held it together with my plans.  My curriculum, calendar, scheduled meetings and to do lists.  Since staying home was devoid of a desk or that type of environment, I didn’t have those items in place.  After I started getting organized, things started to work better and I felt calmer.

Are you Ready? “My Organized Life: Planning Printables Pack” can help. 

If you are overwhelmed with when and how to clean your home, what to accomplish each day, or what to make for dinner each week – then this planner is for you! It will help you outline your goals, get organized and stay motivated.

Motherhood can be chaotic and messy- but it can also be manageable! This printables pack was created with you in mind- print and clip in a binder, but also designed to hang up in your home. It has everything you need to plan out your meals, cleaning, priorities and essentially get back your time.  When you have a plan, you stop losing time.

organized life planner printable

Set Goals

Outline and describe your goals and priorities to better create a schedule for your time.

Plan Your Home

Meal plan and maintain a cleaning schedule that is easy and attainable.

Stay Organized

Stay organized by following your set plans.

Relieve stress

Get rid of the overwhelm and stress by finding time for all of your priorities.

Run a Home You can be Proud of.

The Printable Pack includes all of these things to help you manage your time and house:

Hi There!

As the writer behind the blog Urban Mom Tales, I’ve learned that many moms struggle with organizing their time at home, very much like myself. My first cleaning schedule was purely for my use, until I realized that many other moms would find it useful as well!

My passion is to provide real and useful tools to help you, from easy meal planning to these organizational tools that I know you will love. I’ve seen how much less stress I have when my time and goals have been outlined and scheduled. I can’t wait to hear how they have helped you as well!

Shantall Bond

Take a Peak Inside

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LOVE THIS! I needed this today. I was just talking to my husband last night about how I am falling behind of taking care of the house.


Love this list ! Makes the chore of housecleaning seem less overwhelming . I HATE HOUSEWORK!


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