The Ultimate List of Everything You Need to Make Baby Food

If you are getting started on making your own baby food, I’m sure you are wondering what you need and how to get going.   Seeing the meal plan instructions with all the materials needed may be a little much to take in at one time.   So a good place to start is being prepared by getting everything you need in order. This is an all encompassing list of everything you may need to make baby food. Thinking about making baby food? This is the ultimate list of everything you need to make baby food- lots of options so you can find your perfect tools. things needed to make baby food, tools needed to make baby food, what do I need to make baby food

You do not need everything on this list, but there are options in each category based on different preferences.  For example, maybe you want the most budget friendly option, or only glass containers, etc.  

I’ve listed some of the materials in my baby food prep plans, but I have also discovered lots of new amazing tools. They make cooking baby food even easier and more fun!  

After you are done shopping, you are prepared to get started. Make sure you save the meal prep plan that best fits your baby’s age:

For Cooking

This is a comprehensive list, but you’ll probably have most of the tools already in your kitchen.

Pureeing Tools

For quick prepping, I like to use a combination of tools. My favorites are the ninja and hand blender.

  • Food processor – great for easy chopping but you may need something more powerful for carrots and harder vegetables.
  • Immersion hand blender like this  Cuisinart works well and it’s easily stored.
  • Regular blender like this Ninja blender is perfect because it also comes with individual cups. This is what I initially used because I already had it.   
  • baby bullet is a great option because it also comes with storage containers.

Storage Containers & Freezing

I’m all about making big batches of baby food, so a lot of trays is necessary to get a month’s worth of baby food. I have a variety of ice cube trays and also baby food specific trays.  These are some of my favorites and other great options loved by many moms.

Why ice cube trays?? Each cube is 1 ounce so it’s a perfect amount for baby food. Stage 1:  2-3 cubes per meal, or 1 cube with baby cereal. Stage 2: 3-4 cubes or 2 cubes with baby cereal.

  • You can start with just basic ice cube trays– 4-10 is ideal to freeze large quantities of food at a time, that will produce a variety of recipes.  
  • Ice cube trays with lids– 4 pack. Great for baby food, especially if you don’t want them exposed in your freezer. OXO Tot is a favorite brand for many and they also carry a covered freezer tray.
  • There are a lot of options made specifically for baby food:  Mumi&Bubi – 2 stackable trays with 42 total 1 ounce compartments.  Comes with a lid and more compact than ice cube trays.
  • Kid Simple-Budget friendly version of the Mumi&Bubi trays.

Individual Container Options

Pouch Systems

There are some amazing reusable baby food pouches! You can still have the best of both worlds. The convenience of buying pouches is a common reason many state for not making their own baby food.  This way is healthier, cheaper and just as convenient!

  • Weesprout Food Pouch– 6 pack, 5 fl oz- Great reviews and nice that you can see the inside.  Only downside is the small amount- so these are a good choice if you don’t think you’ll want a lot of pouches.
  • Infantino squeeze pouches– You can get packs of 50 or 100!
  • Infantino squeeze station– No mess here!  They have this homemade baby food pouch thing all thought out.
  • A pack of two infantino spoons that can be attached to the pouches.


Many times, you can use one of the baby food storage containers as a serving bowl.  This way- you can put the lid on if your baby didn’t finish.  There are also some specific dishes for babies and accessories you and your baby may like!

Baby Finger Foods

Finger foods are a little bit different in terms of cooking and eating, which is why there are some new unique items for this transition. It’s an exciting phase though, especially when they are fully feeding themselves.  Can get very messy though!


  • Regular Muffin Pan
  • Mini Muffin Pan (These are a perfect size for baby and toddler food. But if you don’t buy one, you can use a regular muffin tin and cut them in half)
  • A cookie sheet (2 if you don’t have mini muffin tin)
  • Parchment paper and aluminum foil
  • 2-4 mixing bowls
  • Optional for making bite size meatballs or oatmeal bites- Scooper
  • Plastic wrap and freezer ziploc bags



  • Silicone place mats with plates or get this super cute cloud design. They transition perfectly with your child to finger foods and self feeding.
  • Eating on the go: Disposable silicone mats are perfect for restaurants!

Resources & Recipes:

Besides the meal plans featured here, these are a couple great books for more recipes and ideas:

And that’s it! You are all set to get started, just pick the right meal plan for you:

Happy Cooking! Did I miss any of your favorite baby food cooking tools? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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  1. I learned more thing from this article. for that thanks for sharing this article with us,

  2. Hi! wonderful reading and great for my baby food.
    As being a mother of three kids i would like to add two things which can be helpful for everyone who are have newborn baby 1st one is baby monitor and 2nd one is breast pumps. Both of these will help you a lot. Happy weekend!

  3. Thank you Shantall for your detailed Ultimate List to Make Baby Food! I love all the options you mention.

    Which pureeing tool do you find most helpful? Also, how long would you say the pureed food’s shelf life is after you puree it?

    1. Shantall Bond says:

      Hi Carolyn! I use our Ninja blender- I like that I can choose the individual cups versus the bigger blender when needed. But most blenders or hand immersion blenders work great also. The food will last a week in the fridge and up to 3 months in the freezer. If you are interested in batching food to freeze, check out the meal prep posts!

        1. Shantall Bond says:

          Thank you for reading!

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