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If you have a newborn baby, you are probably reading this in a sleepy daze.  There is a lot going on right now, and you may be wondering if there is a way to get some order to this new and amazing (but exhausting) life you’ve brought home. And there is!  The first few months are the most varied in terms of exactly when and how long your baby sleeps, but there is still a clear system you can follow to help develop good sleepers, good eaters, and all around happy babies. It is a simple newborn baby schedule (0-3 months) that you can follow exactly or tweak to fit your life and personality. Get a simple newborn baby schedule or newborn baby routine that is easy to follow and helps promote great sleepers! Includes free sample newborn schedule.

First and foremost, this can be a tough time.  Your body is still healing from labor, your hormones are all over the place- causing mood swings as you adjust to not being pregnant anymore and potentially creating milk for breastfeeding.  And then of course, you have a brand new baby and are getting up multiple times throughout the night.  So please, please make sure to take care of yourself and ask for help so you can get rest! Be nice to yourself, it will get easier and easier. 

The first few months for your baby are all about sleeping, eating and adjusting to the world around them.  It may seem like that’s all you do- feed your baby, rock them and change diapers.  But slowly, they will start to smile and play and develop into amazing little beings.  

You can read more about how and why you should have a baby routine, as well as sample schedules up to two years old!

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How to Make a Newborn Routine

This age is the most varied in terms of time than any other age group. Your baby still has not developed an internal clock to regulate their day.  You are helping them develop this, and things will regulate more around 3 months.  The routine is organized around a couple of things:

  • Awake Time: they should be awake for 1-2 hours MAX between sleep.  In the beginning, it will be closer to 45 minutes and an hour before you start your soothing routine for sleep.  You can read all about newborn sleep training if you want more details.
  • Food: eat every 2-3 hours, can be more or less depending on growth spurts and how long they are sleeping at night.
  • Sleep: usually in 2-4 hour stretches until 6 weeks where it stretches to 6 hour stretches of sleep (typically).
  • Activities: your baby isn’t doing much yet, so there are not many activities for this age range.  You can take them to Mommy and Me classes or baby music classes.  Other activities include lots of tummy time, snuggling, relaxing in a baby carrier, hanging out in the swing, looking at soft black and white books, listening to music while staring at a mobile and taking stroller walks so you and baby get some daily fresh air. 

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Sample Routine

*Times are approximate, will change based on how long periods of sleep are and how long your baby stays awake.

7- 7:30am | Wake Up- Nurse/Bottle

7:30-8:15am | Lots of snuggling and “play”

8:15am | Start nap soothing routine- Example: Dark room, snuggling, sucking on pacifier or fingers or nursing, rocking in chair or glider, soft singing, put in a swaddle then white noise machine.

8:30am | Nap #1

10:30 | Wake Up- Nurse/Bottle

10:30- 11:15am | Tummy time, snuggling,  play with rattle or soft books

11:15am | Start nap soothing routine- same one every time.

11:30am | Nap #2

2:30pm | Wake up, nurse/bottle. Snuggle and tummy time or go outside for a walk (at least once a day for fresh air)

3:15pm | Soothing routine.

3:30 | Nap #3

5:30pm | Nurse/Bottle. Swing time, snuggle, and look at mobile with music or soft books.

6:15pm | Start soothing routine

6:30pm | Nap #4 (Catnap)

7:30pm | Wake Up and Nurse/Bottle.

8:30pm | Start bedtime routine.  Include same soothing routine for naps but add extra to signify night sleep: like a bath, calming music, lotion massage, pajamas and read stories.

9:00pm | Put down drowsy, but not completely asleep to help baby develop self-soothing practices.

11:00pm | Dream feed.  Give bottle/nurse.

*Keep all nighttime feedings dimly lit, no active play or talking.  Feed them if they are hungry and put right back down to sleep until morning.  Your actions teach them the difference between day and night!Get a simple newborn baby schedule or newborn baby routine that is easy to follow and helps promote great sleepers! Includes free sample newborn schedule.

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Things to Consider

As outlined in the newborn sleep training guide, watch for drowsy signs like rubbing eyes or ears, being less active, yawning, and not being responsive with facial expressions can all be signs of being tired.  Do not wait until your baby is crying, they may be overtired at this point and harder to put down.  Develop a consistent soothing routine that you and ALL caregivers follow in the same way. This makes the routine a clear sign that sleep is coming. 

With my second son Ellis, I had to wake him up to feed him during the day. If he slept past 3-4 hours, I would wake him up.  During the day, not at night!  If he slept too long during the day, he would wake up really hungry and it wouldn’t help him learn day/night differentiators.  

Create environments conducive to sleep- dark rooms, a good swaddle and a white noise machine. Also invest in this amazing pacifier if your kids take one.  

It may help to keep a baby sleep log or baby activity log to write down the events of the day, or have other caregivers take notes.  It can be easy to forget when you last fed the baby since it seems like you’ve been doing it all day! Jotting it down helps you remember, but also helps you see patterns over a few days.  

Between 3-4 months, nap and sleep schedules will start to normalize at certain times in the day and longer night sleep!  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  🙂

Just focus these first few months on sleeping and feeding your baby. Don’t feel bad to stay home to keep your baby’s schedule, but also don’t be scared to venture out.  If you can, try to schedule outings right after they wake up and eat.  

Save the 3-6 month baby schedule for future reference and you can read up on  benefits for making a routine.

Til next time!

Get Your Free Newborn Baby Schedule

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