Modern Superhero Themed Room for Toddlers

One of the best things of moving into a new house is all the opportunities for makeovers and room designs! I decided that my sons’ room was a priority because they were enduring lots of changes at the same time. Our 2 and 4 year old boys were about to share a room, when they were separate before. I wanted them to be excited about their new space. Hoping it would cloud all of the changes happening at once. My oldest had been obsessed with superheroes, and still is actually. A superhero themed room was the clear winner for the new shared room.

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The first mission was finding a skyline for behind the beds that superheroes could be flying along. Since we lived in Chicago, I found a Chicago skyline wall decal on Etsy that I fell in love with! There were lots of other great options like other city skylines, gotham city decals, or a general city skyline. The superheroes came in a Marvel and a DC pack on Amazon.  The leftovers came in handy for my son’s 4th birthday, which was a nice added bonus.

Superhero bedroom decor for a shared boys' room.

Superhero Toddler Beds

When looking for bedding and how to set up their beds, I didn’t want to be over the top with the superhero room theme.  Personally, I didn’t want to be slapped in the face with superheroes every time I was in the room. So, the modern, clean aspect of the theme was for me. 🙂

Superhero bed sheets with superhero wall decals and spiderman bed pillow.

Superhero toddler bed with city skyline wall decal.Pottery barn and other places did have very cute superhero bed sheets that fit twin beds and bigger. In the end, I bought a set from Amazon that had a blue stars set with a reversible comforter, and a back up red stars sheet set.  It added touches of color and superhero-esque vibe without adding actual specific superheroes.  The pillow dolls were a random find from Target and fit perfectly on their toddler beds!

Black and White with pops of color superhero bedroom decor.The shared nightstand is a KALLAX shelf unit from IKEA that fit our window space perfectly.  You can choose drawers or different cabinets in a few different colors. The boys also have their pajamas and other clothing items that are easily accessible for them. The more they can reach, the earlier they start to independently dress themselves which is Ah-mazing!

Reading Corner

Superhero decoration ideas for a toddler reading corner.

Toddler reading corner with superhero pillows in a superhero themed room.

The reading corner is a huge part of our bedroom. Toys are kept in the playrooms so reading is the main activity that is done in their room besides sleeping and getting ready. This canopy was originally in my son’s previous toddler room and made by my mom. But there are lots of cute options out there like this one. Having a cozy corner to read in makes our nighttime stories a favorite part of the day. The only change I made to update the reading corner for the theme was to buy superhero pillow covers and cover the ones that were already present.

I fell in love with the red telephone bookcase! I stumbled onto it while on Wayfair one day looking for other items for the house. It is small and mostly fits our board books and other small books. But it was a perfect place for Superman to live and a superhero touch to the bedroom that wasn’t completely literal.


Boys superhero room with superhero logo canvas art squares.

Superhero wall, superhero decoration ideas with logo art squares.The last corner of the room has a white dresser turned changing table that we had in my second son Ellis’ nursery.  There are some supercute Superhero artwork out there. In the end, I fell in love with these Superhero logo canvas squares and thought they were an amazing fit above the dresser.

The yellow lamp was another Wayfair find and if you are confused about the random poster board on the side, check out this post. It is a daily routine chart that our oldest, and soon youngest, uses to go through his morning and nighttime routines without being constantly reminded. (FYI: Life changer)


And here are my little superheroes checking out their room for the first time! They were SOOO excited- pointing out everything they were seeing throughout. Definitely a success.

superhero bedroom wall art shared toddler boys superhero bedroom makeover

supehero boys room superhero bedroom makeover


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  1. Where did you get the wall decals from?

  2. LaDonna Green says:

    Girl thank you soo much for sharing your sons room. It’s just the ideas that I was looking for. Have a good day.

    1. Shantall Bond says:

      You’re welcome! My boys still love it.

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