The 31 Best Toddler Gift Ideas!

Toddlers learn the widest range of skills in the shortest amount of time than any other age range! Probably why they are so spirited, that is a lot of work. But thankfully for us parents, they work on a lot of those skills while playing. These toddler gift ideas are all about helping our little people thrive in everything they are learning. These ideas include open ended play, pretend play that is new and exciting for young toddlers, skill building like vocabulary and puzzles and just overall fun that can be enjoyed for years to come.

I’m including 12 months- 35 months (1-2 years old) in this gift guide.  Since so much changes in this age, I’ve listed more specific age requirements in the description if applicable.  Some of the toys are perfect for the young 1 year old toddler, others are best for 2 years and up.  Finally, they are organized into categories. Hope this guide helps cut down some of your gift shopping time! 

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Learning through Play Toys

safari animal set for toddlersBoley 12 Piece Safari Set

Toddlers are working a lot on speaking and vocabulary. These animal sets are perfect for so many different types of play.  You can talk about the animal names, they can set up a safari scene, you can buy another farm set and categorize which ones go together.  I love putting these in our diaper bag for when we are on the go, they work great waiting at a doctor’s office or other random places where you need something to do. 

Busy Board Activity Binder

Working on tasks that we find simple, are actually some of the best toddler toys. I have made some travel busy bags from household items that were LOVED by my boys- especially from 15-24 months. This activity binder has everything you need for a perfect travel toy- buckles, zippers, tying work, and buttons. 

Board Books for ToddlersLittle Feminists Board Book Set

Books are the best way to introduce lots of different topics to children- it’s never too early! This set is adorable and teaches your young children about amazing women throughout history. Great for babies-toddlers (longer length books for preschoolers)


Melissa & Doug Take Along Shape Sorter

Shape sorters are a perfect gift for the young toddler (12-24 months).  It’s easy to take along to a restaurant or weekend trip, but also play at home.  Identifying shapes and the motor skills associated with playing will guarantee lots of great play with this toy. 

puzzles for toddlersAwesomeCube Wooden Puzzles

Beginner wooden puzzles are a great introduction to puzzles. They are good quality, have bright colors, and are just hard enough that it will take your young toddler some time to play and figure them out. 18 months- 3 years old

BeginAgain Dinosaur A to Z Puzzle

I love the entire line of puzzles from this brand! They are all wooden, beautifully made, durable and a great “next step” puzzle.  Better for 2 year old toddlers and older, after they have mastered matching puzzles, they can move on to forming a picture with pieces. 

Lots of Pretend Play

pretend play toddler giftsPretend & Play Doctor Kit

This age is the beginning of pretend play and toys that fall into this category are perfect for this age.  As their vocabulary grows, their ability to create and tell stories bursts.  It’s a pretty cool milestone to observe.  Start writing them down! You’ll love looking back at these as they get older. The doctor set is our first one in this category.  Can be any other kit for pretending to be a  profession that they really like.

teepee tent gift for preschoolers

Teepee Tent for Kids

Hideaway spaces are perfect for the imagination.  I love how this teepee tent comes with a carrying bag, decor, and fairy lights! It’s also waterproof, which is everything with kids. It’s a great place to read with your kids or have them tell stories to each other.  Possibilities are endless. 

Melissa & Doug’s Pretend Play Kitchen

I love how neutral this pretend kitchen is. We ended up moving ours out of the playroom and into the kitchen and it’s nice when it’s not an eyesore to move around your home.  My boys stopped playing with theirs as much, but I turned it into a real kitchen station for them and it’s serving a whole new purpose.  

toddler gift ideas cleaning setLet’s Play House- Pretend Cleaning Set

I always see this pretend cleaning set recommended. You might also see it everywhere.  And it’s because- it is that good.   It’s simple, inexpensive and kids love it. Not sure why it really makes kids want to help.  My 3 year old son loves this broom ( and has since 20 months when we got it) ! He grabs it whenever he makes a mess and tries to help. 

Ultimate list of preschool gift ideas includes toys in various categories for your science enthusiast, builders, creatives and masters of imaginative play.Dress up Costumes

Pretend and imaginative play is not complete without some dress up costumes. You can get a pack of 6 or pick out the ones your child would be most interested in- maybe a fireman suit or a pack of princess dresses.doll house preschool giftWooden Doll House

Perfect wooden doll house that is good quality and fully furnished. This traditional 3 story dollhouse, is award winning and sparks role play imagination among friends. I like that it’s gender neutral, and anyone can play with it. 

wooden tool box toddler gift

Hape Fix it Kids’ Tool Box

A tool box is part of the idea that they can “help” you around the house through pretend play.  And we all pray that it lends itself to real helping later on.  🙂 But seriously, kids love to mock us, feel part of the family and feel important.  These types of toys do that. 

Active Play & Building Sets

basketball hoop toy for 2 year oldLittle Tikes Basketball Hoop

Your toddler is really working on hand eye coordination and this basketball hoop is a fun way to work on it! Can go indoors or outdoors. 

Mega Bloks First Builders Deluxe Set

Mega Bloks are a great way to start building before toddlers are ready for the LEGO Duplos that are for 2 years old and up.  My boys started with Mega Bloks around 15 months. And they still played with them after we got more LEGOS.

wooden building blocks for toddler giftsMelissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks

There is nothing like simple natural wooden blocks for endless open ended play and building. The quality is also exceptional and can be passed down to multiple kids or given to another family when your kids outgrow them.

Ultimate list of preschool gift ideas includes toys in various categories for your science enthusiast, builders, creatives and masters of imaginative play.LEGO DUPLOS

No gifts for toddlers list is complete without mentioning LEGOS. Start with DUPLO sets for 2 year old toddlers. They’ll graduate to the traditional sets at 4 or 5 years old.

building toys for toddlersMagna Tiles 100 Piece Set

These magna tiles are all the rage and for good reason! Higher price than other toys but we have built some pretty amazing structures with these- there are really endless amounts of possibilities so it helps your 2 year old use various skills at one time. And it grows with them through at least 5 years old or more. There are other sets you can add and expand your collection- they include vehicles and other shapes that help them build completely new ideas.

little tikes slide for toddlersLittle Tikes Slide

Perfect addition to a large playroom.  I’ve also seen them set up with a ball pit at the end- hours of fun!  And really, who doesn’t want a slide?

How to choose a toddler learning tower, kids kitchen helper or Montessori learning tower? 9 different options to research and choose from! Details optimal age range, benefits, as well as pros and cons of each. Everything you need to make the right decision for your family.

Toddler Learning Tower

These aren’t exactly toys, but I’m a HUGE fan of toddler learning towers.  After having a second son that always wanted to help and at least see what I was doing, a safe tower to be involved was a perfect addition. This is the original, but I have a whole post on everything toddler learning tower– what it is, why you would want it and other options out there. 


Riding Toys are Great Toddler Gift Ideas

Fairy Cozy Coupe

Riding toys are a big hit at the toddler age, or anything that resembles a car.  So I have a few different recommendations.  When we didn’t have a playroom, my sons would chase each other around the kitchen island with theirs’.  Even better if they can ride outside or in a basement. The cozy coupe is a well loved option or a motorcycle type riding toy. 

PowerWheels Thomas and Friends

Most PowerWheels are for 3 and up, but this Thomas ride starts at 18 months.  If you have the space and a Thomas fan, this will probably be their favorite gift ever!  It’s so fun and will make them truly feel like train conductors. 

Step2 Whisper Ride Cruiser

This is a great alternative to a stroller.  When we lived down the street from the park, we’d always take the car instead and it was a favorite for both my boys (third is still pending since he’s only 8 months, but I’m sure he’ll feel the same!) 12 months and up.

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle

This beginner’s tricycle is a must for younger siblings especially. They’ll have a little chance of keeping up with their older siblings. Great for 2 years old and up- it takes them a while to get a hang of pedaling so nice for them to have something now before they are full bicycle age. 

Fun & Musical Gifts for Toddlers

robot doll toddler giftFisher-Price Dance and Move BeatBo

There are just some toys that are purely fun.  I couldn’t leave this guy off my toddler gift ideas list, because this singing and dancing robot doll was so well loved by both my boys! It was also fun for me to watch them dancing and singing along with the robot. Now I buy it for a lot of my friends and their baby’s first birthday. Great gift for young toddlers 12-18 months.

Construction Trucks for ToddlersGreen Toys Construction Vehicles- Set of 3

Construction vehicle set that is environmentally friendly. Yes please! Great first set of vehicles as they are not sharp or heavy, since young toddlers still like to put things in their mouth and throw things up in the air. 12 months- 2years old

SmartKids Musical Instruments Toddler Toys

Musical instruments are exhilarating to young toddlers.  I know, I know- the noise is not always pleasant. Lol. But you could store them and take down when you are up to hearing their beautiful musical percussions!gifts for toddlers train setWooden Railway Set

A large train set really leads to hours of play- with setting up the tracks in lots of different ways and then playing with the trains. We’ve acquired at least 3 different sets that my boys put together. 

Ultimate list of preschool gift ideas includes toys in various categories for your science enthusiast, builders, creatives and masters of imaginative play.KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

If you have avid train set fans, than a train table may be the right route to take. A train table keeps all the tracks together and organized. It is one of the first toys that my boys (at 2 and 4 years old) played together for hours without any arguments or destruction. So I would suggest it a lot when they were looking for something to do.  

Alarm Clock Lamp for ToddlersEcho Glow Smart Lamp

I’m really excited about this new Echo Glow lamp (comes out 11/20/19)! You do have to already own an Alexa compatible device like an Echo Dot to be able to program it. After you have both, you can set lighting cues to help with routines or rainbow countdowns. I don’t like alarm sounds at all. Having my kids pick their favorite song and color to wake up to sounds so much better!

Creative Play

creative play toddler toyHape Wooden Kid’s Art Easel

Gifts for toddlers wouldn’t be complete without some art items. Even though this play will truly flourish for many preschoolers. An easel is a great toddler gift that sparks creativity and is easy for you to help them draw shapes or letters. As my oldest son Miles started practicing writing, he would use the easel to practice and easily show us what he was working on. 

Ultimate list of preschool gift ideas includes toys in various categories for your science enthusiast, builders, creatives and masters of imaginative play.

Do a Dot Art Markers

Easy to use and put away! Great introduction to marker play and creative design. Helps develop hand eye coordination and art creation in a simple medium before advancing to more complex drawing.

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